Fire/EMS Recruitment FAQ

Why should I join the Coal City Fire Protection District?

While many feel a calling to fire service for one reason or another, whether to give back to their community, help people, make a difference in peoples’ lives,  due to wages, benefits or working conditions, or any of a hundred reasons, the Coal City Fire Protection District might be the place for you.  First and foremost we are a family.  With our motto of “Our Family Helping your Family” how could it not be.  The fire service truly becomes a second family as we spend more than a third of our lives together.  There is great on the job training, team building, and continued education to help you grow in not only your career but your life as well.  Ask any firefighter why they do what they do.  Most will say they Love their Job!  Please contact us with any questions you might have.

For what level of firefighter are you recruiting?

The Coal City Fire Protection District is recruiting for Paid on Call Firefighter/EMS and Part time Firefighter/EMS.

What are the qualifications/requirements needed to be eligible to apply?

Paid-On-Call firefighter/EMS candidates must live within the boundaries of the Fire District and have reached their 18th Birthday.  Certification of Basic Operations Firefighter will be provided as well as Emergency Medical Technician – Basic by the district – please see hiring packet for further information.

Part time Firefighter/EMS candidate at time of application hold a minimum certification of Basic Operations Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician – Basic or Paramedic.  Preference will be given to candidates with the EMT-Paramedic Certification.  Residency is within the State of Illinois. Please see our information packet for further information.

Full Time Firefighter/Paramedic candidate must be between the ages of 21 and 35 at time of hire.  Hold a minimum certification of Basic Operations Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic, and a valid CPAT Card at time of Test.  

How do I apply?

Applications are available online for Paid On Call and Part Time Firefighter.

Information for Full Time testing will be available during the testing cycle.

I’ve applied before – do I need to apply again?

Yes. Each recruitment campaign is unique.

Can I attach copies of my certificates to my application?

Yes, for part time and Paid on Call applications please attached to assist us in your consideration for hire.

What happens to my application once submitted?

For Paid on Call and Part Time Candidates the Selection Committee will review the applications and select candidates to move to the interview stage of the recruitment process. Only those applicants selected to participate in the interview will be contacted. Selection will be based on required and preferred qualifications.

For Full Time Candidates the Process will be outlined at time of exam

I was not selected for an interview. Can I find out why?

Firefighter recruitments attract a high volume of applicants and as a result the district is unable to respond to individual inquiries during the recruitment process or provide individual feedback.

What is involved in the interview process?

For Part time and Paid on Call the interview process consists of a formal interview with the Selection Committee.  A  physical test will also be administered should the candidate pass the initial interview.  Additional testing or assessments may be conducted at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

For Full Time Candidates the Process will be outlined at time of exam.

I have received a Conditional Offer of Employment. What do I need to do?

Congratulations! At this stage of the recruitment the following conditions must be met in the required time frame. Please note, a candidate may have their conditional offer of employment withdrawn if any of the conditions are not successfully met within the required time frames.

Reference and Back Ground checks

With the authorization of the candidate, a representative of the Coal City Fire District will complete three reference checks with the candidate’s present and past employers regarding his or her work record. At the time of the interview, the interview committee will request the candidate to provide his/her work reference information. The candidate’s work reference checks will be used to assess the candidate’s suitability to a position of Firefighter.

Pre-employment medical

A candidate recommended for employment will also be required to undergo a pre-employment medical examination completed by the department’s medical practitioner.


Candidates recommended for employment are required to provide documented proof of vaccinations at the Conditional Job Offer stage. Acceptable forms of documentation are:

  1. Yellow immunization cards (copy)
  2. Test results indicating immunization
  3. Letter from your doctor on letterhead indicating immunization

Please note that the date of immunization is important therefore ensure that dates are legible and included with documentation.